How Stardoll changed my life!

Over 8 years ago, I logged onto Stardoll for the very first time. I had only made an account because I admired the green glittery tank in the Shop (this was before the Plaza was invented).

I remember it quickly became a hobby. I spent hours on at a time, and I felt so at home. I could log in and zone out of my real life problems.

Fast forward to present day. I'm no longer that little girl. I now have an internship at one of the most powerful lawfirms, I've spent time traveling and learning, and I got into my dream university. But in the recent days I've been realizing that the fact I've been so successful was because of some simple lessons I learned on this very website.

I remember spending endless days vying for the title of Cover Girl (back in the day there was only one Cover Girl a day). Did I get it? No.But instead I was granted the opportunity to write for the Starblog. Giving me the endless opportunities better suited for me. This was the first time I learned the lesson;Sometimes things don't go your way because something better is coming your way.

One of my favorite things about logging on was chatting in club forums. As a career women (in the making) now, I can recall particular club debates I had with others, and I can apply the opinions I learned from other people to my argument in court. Because getting other people's opinions is how you expand your knowledge.

Stardoll gives you a community of people from all around the world. With this is a bucket of opportunities to learn, grow, and find what you love. Granted I've become more conscious of my outfits from joining, but this is much more than a dress up game.

Our accounts really do tell our story, and I couldn't be more thankful for what Stardoll has done for my life. 

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